Thursday, May 28, 2009

purple line???

Now I see this way
It looks like purple line
Gotta introduce myself
(I) can't move even an inch
(My) body captivated by fears
There's a time when I'm being frozen
Purple line, let me set up my world!
The path that nobody ever walked this way
While embracing my dreams*
I'm searching for my way to live my on way
My progression
Holding this strong inclination(here it begins) i will (solve)the passion of Purple Line

*"dreams" here may means the strong will or desire to achieve something


ekay said...

omo2..purple line????

aDiK said...

br tetgk interview dbsk kat utube. cute xiah explain the meaning of purple line.sgt bermakne.huhu.

azaHmaeL said...


i found it hahaha